About Us

A Brief LKYU History

LKYU Auto started in early 2017 as a side project for two dads trying to make an better life for their daughters. Kody Glaze and Layton Brook, the original founders of LKYU Auto, just wanted to provide for their little girls more. Layton had a garage and Kody had the knowledge and tools. So LKYU Mobile Auto Repair Reno began.

Kody and Layton wanted to create an alternative to the regular experience of an Automotive Repair shop. They wanted to provide an honest and transparent, lesser cost experience overall creating a real value for the customers. By charging straight retail for parts and providing a lower labor rate than most places, customers that couldn’t normally afford auto repair began to get help.

Since the inception, LKYU Auto has adapted. It has struggled, fought and clawed its way through adversity from other mechanics, criticism from skeptics and discouragement during times of uncertainty. However, even with Kody Glaze stepping down as a partner and the company going through many months of non-operating research and development, LKYU Auto Emerged and regained a spot in the Mobile Auto Repair Reno Industry.

LKYU Auto has Mobile Auto Repair service based in Reno, NV. With a mission to create a flexible pool of trained mobile mechanics, in-shop service technicians, and a pick up and return service determined to provide customers with an alternative automotive repair experience that far surpasses other options. We aim to provide a service to all customers that, hopefully, cannot be met with “I can’t afford that” “I can’t get my car there” “I will have to have it towed in”. LKYU Auto hopes that it will be able to create a service over excelling in Convenience, Value, Integrity and Transparency.

The next time you need your car fixed, contact us and we’ll send a mechanic to you! Reno’s premiere mobile auto repair service!

Keep an eye out for updates soon to include a shop and towing service, that will be unrivaled in pricing and convenience.

LKYU Auto’s Team now includes

Layton Brook – General Operations and Managing Member

Josh Philips – Lead Service Mechanic

Brad VanCampen – Service Mechanic

Katherine Nollsch and Kailen O’Connel – Technology Development and Managing Members

Anthony Cardinale – Financials, Taxes, Payroll and Managing Member

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